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The Curriculum



Our school's curriculum consists of all the planned activities that we organise in order

promote learning, growth and personal development. It includes the formal requirements of the

National Curriculum, Digital Competence Development, Numeracy and Literacy Framework but also the various extra-curricular activities the school arranges to enrich pupils' experiences and opportunities.


It also includes the 'hidden curriculum' - what the children learn from how  can handle situations and problems and the behavior expected of them. We want children to be positive and responsible people, who can work and collaborate with others and, at the same time, develop their knowledge and skills, in order to achieve their true potential. We are seeking the best possible standards of achievement for all our children. We also appreciate the breadth of the curriculum that we must provide. Our goal is to foster creativity in our children, and help them to become independent learners. Above all, we believe that learning should be fun.


Order and Planning


Although we continue to follow a large number of statutory plans:

National Curriculum (2008 revival)
Numeracy, Literacy and Digital Competence Framework
Foundation Plan
Foundation Plan (revision 2015)
2016 Digital Competence Framework


We try to step towards Professor Donaldson's Prosperous Future. Our planning and Curriculum were adapted in January 2018. In order to plan five seasonal themes to classes. The teachers will build on top of these themes using the LRF etc.


This year we will adopt a new approach to planning based on the work of Albert School in Penarth. The new style of planning will offer many benefits in terms of motivation and the interest of staff and children. It will also require teachers to use the Framework to plan the class term.


The subject focus (Curriculum 2008) will change to the emphasis of securing opportunities to practice skills across the curriculum.


The original design is supported with detailed reports of the Incerts tracking system prepared by the School management team. We also use Incerts to monitor our cross curricular visits.


We will continue to learn Science, Religious Education, basic skills, numeracy, literacy and ICT separately from September 2018


An outline of the principles of our new planning structure.